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Tour Edge Wingman Putters

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The Tour Edge Wingman Putters are back and better than ever. The Wingman has been redesigned to fit more players and they have upgraded the look, sound, and feel, which all comes together for you to sink the biggest putt of the day. Through this redesign a large hollow carbon sole plate was added and a larger surface area redistributes weight to the sides and back of the club head, to help boost MOI. The lock-on built in alignment system is revolutionary as it allows your eyes to lock onto the proper angle and read if the lie angle of the putter is matched correctly.

The Tour Edge Wingman comes in various models depending on your putting style. The Wingman Models 701, 703, and 705 are Mid-Toe-Hang and is ideal for a putting stroke with a slight arc.

Wingman Models 702 and 704 are Double Bend Face-Balanced is designed for a pendulum straight back, straight through putting stroke. Wingman Model 706 provides an alignment-oriented Face-Balanced putter for players who keep their eye directly in front of the ball and take the club straight back and straight through the ball.