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Womens Left Handed Golf Clubs

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PowerBilt Pro Power Womens Complete Golf Set Includes: Driver, Fairway Wood, 6 Hybrid, 7-PW, SW, Putter, Stand Bag Available in Right Hand & Left Hand PowerBilt Golf comes with 100 years of g...
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Orlimar Allante Complete Womens Golf Set Includes: Driver, Fairway Woods, 6 Hybrid, 7-9 Iron, PW, SW, Putter,  Cart Bag, 4 Headcovers Available in: Standard and Petite Size Right Hand & Left Ha...
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Tour Edge Lady Edge Womens Half Golf Set Includes: Driver, 3 Wood, 6 Hybrid, 8 iron, PW, SW, Putter, Stand Bag  Available Sizes: Standard, Petite, Tall Tour Edge has been paving the way in the g...
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Wilson Profile SGI Complete Womens Golf Set  Includes: Driver, Fairway Wood, 5 Hybrid, 6-9 Iron, PW, SW, Putter, Cart Bag, 3 Headcover Available in Right Hand & Left Hand The Wilson Pro...
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Tour Edge Lady Edge Womens Complete Golf Set Includes: Driver, 3/5 Fairway Wood, 6/7 Hybrid, 8-SW, Putter, Cart or Stand Bag  Available Sizes: Standard, Petite, Tall Tour Edge has been paving th...
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Cleveland Bloom Womens Complete Golf Club Set Includes: Driver, 5 Fairway, 5 Hybrid, 7-PW, SW, Putter, Cart Bag Available in Right Hand & Left Hand Cleveland Golf, the pioneer in the game of g...

Womens Left Handed Golf Clubs

The Unique Challenges Faced by Left-Handed Lady Golfers

When seeking women's left-handed golf clubs, the concern over limited options can be daunting. However, at GolfersProShop, we alleviate such worries. We prioritize offering our customers the best selection, believing anything less would be a disservice. Your golf clubs should not only meet but exceed your expectations, fostering confidence and success on the course. Our women's left-handed golf clubs integrate the latest technology and engineering across various price points, ensuring satisfaction for every golfer, no matter their skill level. Explore with confidence our comprehensive range of womens golf clubs and sets for both right and left handed golfers. Not sure what to purchase? Checkout all of our Womens Golf Clubs & Sets.

Our Selection of Women's Left-Handed Golf Clubs

GolfersProShop boasts a diverse assortment of women's left-handed golf clubs, spanning a variety of brands, styles, and price points. Whether you seek an affordable starter set or aspire to wield professional-grade clubs, we cater to your needs. Our commitment to quality remains unwavering; even our entry-level sets undergo rigorous inspection to meet high standards but allow for a reasonable price tag. There's no need to spend thousands on a golf set that you will only use a few times a month.

Womens Complete Golf Clubs & Sets
Left to Right:

For the left handed golfers looking to reach their potential, we carry an entire selection of Womens Left Handed Golf Clubs that you can see the pros using on tv. Available in a variety of brands, styles, and models, these clubs are all designed to elevate your game. Every brand is different, which is why it's important to read the products description. Specific height options are available for several of our brands; shorter golfers under 5'4 can explore our Women's Petite Golf Clubs, while taller players over 5'6" can peruse our Womens Tall Golf Clubs.

Selecting the Optimal Ladies Left Handed Golf Clubs

The quest for the "best" ladies' left-handed golf clubs is subjective. We advocate for choosing clubs that resonate with you personally. A set you love fosters confidence and positions you for success. Rest assured, all our ladies' left-handed golf clubs undergo stringent quality assessments, boasting superior engineering and cutting-edge technology. Your ideal set is the one that fits you perfectly. Our team is dedicated to guiding you towards that goal.

Hurdles Left-Handed Lady Golfers Encounter 

In the world of golf, where precision and finesse reign supreme, left-handed lady golfers often find themselves navigating through a landscape tailored for their right-handed counterparts. 

Many golfers believe that most golf courses were designed by right-handed people for like-handed golfers, but the truth is that most courses have an equal number of pros and cons for  both right and left  handed women golfers. 

The journey for left-handed female (and male) golfers comes with its own set of challenges that require attention and understanding. There are some obvious disadvantages such as not being able to borrow a right handed friend’s new golf club to try it out. And although the shafts and grips of womens golf clubs are both universal so there is no difference despite which way a club is held while one is playing, there is a difference between the clubhead of left-handed and right-handed drivers. A right-handed golf club faces towards the left (the direction one is swinging towards), whereas a left-handed golf club will face towards the right. Likewise, there is a difference with left-handed putters due to the shaft being able to be bent.

Left Handed Ladies Golf Clubs & Sets

Fortunately, when it comes to golf accessories such as golf cart bags, stand bags, clothing and golf bags there is absolutely no difference at all. And a golf tee is the same for left and right handed golfers.

The one exception is golf gloves. Most right-handed players wear their golf glove on their left hand. As a southpaw you will need to find a left-handed golf glove that can be worn on your right hand. Golf gloves usually don’t come as a pair, so one needs to purchase either a golf clove individually for either their left or right hand. For a long time, leftie golfers had to scramble to find a glove clove for their right hand, But times have changed and of  the many golf club gloves now available, most are available for either the right or left hand.

Left Handed Golf Gloves

FYI: Callaway golf dawn patrol glove is offered with the option to select a glove to be worn on the right hand or a golf glove to be worn on the left hand. Likewise, for the Spring Into Golf, Zero Friction, FINGER TEN, and Foot Joy among other women’s golf gloves manufacturers. Understanding the possibility of a scarcity of golf gloves for lefties, don’t wait to the last minute, thinking it will be easy to pick up  new one at the clubs pro shop before a round on the course with friends.

One of the surprising hurdle left-handed lady golfers encounter is the scarcity of accommodating spaces at driving ranges. In an ideal scenario, a left-handed golfer should be able to seamlessly practice their swing without worrying about availability. However, it is better to call ahead to see if there ask the club or facility if they have a tee box reversed for a left handed glover or if they can easily flip one around for you.  If they can accommodate you, make a reservation for yourself. You don’t want to arrive at the driving range only to find the tee box occupied by another happy left handed golfer.

Breaking Barriers: Left-Handed Golfers' Triumph in a Right-Handed World

It often appears that when new advancements in golf club technology hits the market place, the first clubs that arrive are for right handed players. Considering that between 9-10% of people worldwide are naturally lefties, it is understandable that golf club manufactures would first develop a new club for right handed players. Some might say this delay not only hampers performance but also perpetuates a cycle of exclusion within the golfing community.

Katelyn Dambaugh
Katelyn Dambaugh

But it hasn’t held back professional southpaw male golfers such as Phil Mickelson with 42 PGA wins (including the 2004, 2006 and 2010 Masters, the 2006 PGA Championship, and the 2013 British Open), Bubba Watson 6 PGA wins 6 (including the 2012 and 2014 Masters), or Mike Weir with 8 PGA wins (including the 2003 Masters and the 2004 Nissan Open) or the two current female lefthanders currently on the LPGA Tour Katelyn Dambaugh (turned pro in 2017) and Brittany Benvenuto who turned pro in 2011.

Brittany Benvenuto
Brittany Benvenuto

Brittany made the cut 19 times and finished in the top ten 5 times to earn her first way onto the PGA tour in 2017. She returned to the Futures Tour for 2019 and continues to work toward another chance at the LPGA.

Cathryn Bristow
Cathryn Bristow

From New Zealand is Cathryn Bristow who turned pro in 2009 is another lefthanded golfer. After limited success on the LPGA tour, she returned to New Zealand where she has played regularly for the past ten years on the Australian Ladies Professional Tour and on the Ladies European Tour. She is also a 3-time winner on the ALPG tour The only female golfer to raise a LPGA trophy while using a left-handed set of clubs is Bonnie Bryant. She won the 1974 Bill Branch LPGA Classic at Lachmoor Country Club in Fort Myers, Fla.

Finding Your Golfing Hand: Exploring Left vs. Right-Handed Play

A number of women left handed players are ambidextrous. Although we couldn’t find a good female example of an ambidextrous golfer, we did discover that the actor Mark Walhberg is not only ambidextrous, but unlike most advice given by pros, he plays most as a lefty, BUT putts righty. 

“Yeah, I suppose it is a little different, whether it’s better or not, I don’t know. But it certainly works better for me.

I play left-handed, but putt right-handed. So, I swing every other club other than the putter with my left hand – driver, long and short irons and the wedges. Then, when I get to the green I have a right-handed putter. A little, rare, I am told. Very rare.

It’s that’s just something that’s happened the more I’ve played. I started off playing right-handed with everything on the course, and that was mostly because people told me that there aren’t any left-handed players. I have been known to play right-handed every so often, but mostly left.”

So, a question one might ask, “Do I have to play left hand if I am left handed in most things that I do?  While some left-handers are dominant on their left side, others are more. Some left-handed golfers choose to play right-handed, and this is perfectly fine too. If you are unsure , some experts suggest that you play a shot from both sides and see which side has the most power. Most people will find that their more dominant side will deliver a more powerful shot.

If its your left side make sure you always practice using that side, as you build up muscle strength and fine motor skills where they are most needed. If it’s your right side, you are part of the golfing majority and GolfersProShop offers many womens golf clubs and sets for right handed golfers.

Ladies, you shouldn’t experience any disadvantages when playing left-handed golf, so don’t let it put you off developing your game and working to lower your golf handicap. With a few adjustments and the right equipment, you’ll be able to compete with right-handed golfers on a level playing field. It’s simply a case of understanding which is your dominant side and making a few minor adjustments to your golf swing and golf equipment to take that into account.

Left-Handed Insights: Navigating the Path to Golfing Mastery

In the quest for mastery, the question may arise: Is it better for a left-handed golfer to be coached by a fellow southpaw? While the answer may vary depending on individual preferences and learning styles, there are distinct advantages to seeking instruction from a left-handed golf professional.

Photo credit: Tom Miles
Photo credit: Tom Miles

Left-handed instructors can offer valuable insights and tailored guidance that cater specifically to the needs of left-handed players. Their firsthand experience navigating the challenges of being left-handed in a right-handed world equips them with a unique perspective that can prove invaluable to aspiring left-handed lady golfers.

If you are able to find fellow left-handed golfers to go out on a round with, it’s a great way of swapping tips and learning from others. While you work on you stance, and put in more time and effort to refining your swing, the more you’ll see the benefits pay off. With dedication and the right equipment adjustments, left-handed lady golfers can compete on par with their right-handed counterparts, fostering a level playing field in the pursuit of golfing excellence.

Why Choose Golfers Pro Shop?

Our journey at GolfersProShop began over three decades ago, fueled by a shared frustration with the uncertainty surrounding golf equipment purchases. This frustration led to the inception of our team, committed to providing clarity and assurance to golfers. Through detailed product descriptions and thorough reviews, we empower our customers to make informed decisions.  After our day working with our amazing customers, you can find our team at the golf course doing what we love, golfing! Seven days a week, 365 days a year, we are involved in the game of golf.