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Ladies Golf Cart Bags

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Ladies Golf Cart Bags

Not every golfer is built equally; we all have our own preferences. One way our preferences come to light is in the golf bag we choose. Golfers can choose their golf bags based on how they prefer to play at the course. One can choose between cart bags – designed to be loaded on a golf cart – and stand or carry bags – designed for those who prefer to carry their clubs and walk the course. No matter which is preferred, each type packs tons of bonus features that are designed to maximize ease and comfort on the golf course or at the range. What's a bag without clubs? Checkour our Womens Golf Clubs & Sets.

Join us as we answer the most asked questions when it comes to ladies’ golf cart bags: What is a ladies’ golf cart bag? Who uses a ladies’ golf cart bag? What makes a great ladies’ golf cart bag? What are the benefits of golf cart bags? What are the drawbacks of golf cart bags? And lastly, what are the best golf cart bags of 2024?

If you want to see whether your style of play lines up with the features and benefits of golf cart bags, keep on reading to find out! Not sure what bag to get, checkout our Womens Golf Bags.

What is a Ladies Golf Cart Bag?

If you’re a lady golfer who hates having to carry your clubs on the course, then a women’s golf cart bag is meant for you. A golf cart bag is designed for those who prefer to use push carts or golf carts while playing a round of golf. On the contrary, if you prefer to walk the course, then a golf stand bag is the one for you. A cart bag’s style is designed to securely fit and strap in on push carts or golf carts. Each is made with a sturdy flat bottom that perfectly sits on the back of any cart. While stand bags can also be loaded onto a cart, you’ll find much more hassle to secure them properly. Looking to get in extra steps? Checkout our Ladies Golf Stand Bags.

Cart bags also provide golfers with much more pocket space than stand bags. They are designed with enough pockets to load up on as many golf balls, tees, gloves, and snacks as you want. These pockets and zippers are also specifically placed on the front of the bag for easy access while strapped into a cart. However, due to the fact they are mainly intended to be loaded onto a cart, cart bags tend to be heavier than stand bags. To some, this could prove to be a problem when push carts or golf carts are not available. 

Who Uses Womens Golf Cart Bags?

Women’s cart bags are used by female golfers who prefer to drive or push a cart on the course. While lady golfers of any age can prefer to use a cart, cart bags are a popular choice amongst the older golfing community. Rather than wasting precious energy lugging a bag around the course, cart bags can be strapped into the cart and left alone for the entire round. The only manual labor needed with a cart bag is loading it in and out of your car to start and end the day! 

Not only do cart bags help save energy, but they also prevent soreness and injury. Carrying a bag around the course for 9-18 holes may cause unwanted aches and pains in your back and shoulders. One can also run into unseen injuries – small or large - from tripping or falling while carrying a bag full of clubs. Considering you need your entire body in tip-top shape to golf at your best, avoiding any extra work or stress is a smart call. The best way to do so? Start by choosing a golf cart bag to carry all your clubs and accessories. 

What Makes a Great Ladies Golf Cart Bag?

A great women’s golf cart bag needs three primary features: a sturdy flat bottom, plenty of accessible pocket space, plus strong straps and handles. Firstly, cart bags are designed to sit securely on the back of any golf cart or push cart. The sturdy flat bottom of cart bags allows them to perfectly rest on the cart, without worry of it falling over or slipping off the back. No lady golfers want to stop, turn around, and go pick up their bag that just fell off the cart. Not only is that slightly embarrassing, but it can be a huge waste of time if it continues to happen. We acknowledge that straps on golf and push carts help to keep the bags in place, but having a strong flat bottom on the bag makes the straps’ job all the easier. 

Secondly, plenty of accessible pocket space is truly a necessity with cart bags. The main benefit of ladies’ cart bags is being able to leave the bag strapped in for an entire round of golf. However, if your bag is staying in that spot all day, you want to ensure your pocket space is plentiful and accessible. Great women’s golf cart bags will be loaded with pockets and zippers, often with many pockets facing the front. This way, when a cart bag is strapped into a golf or push cart, ladies are able to easily access their gloves, extra balls and tees, plus any other items brought along for the day. It may not seem very important at first, but twisting and turning your bag every time you want to grab a new ball or tee will become quite the hassle. Hence, the importance of golf cart bags! 

Lastly, strong straps and handles are very important features of a great women’s golf cart bag. Two main pieces are important – the lift handles on top and the rear strap for carrying. Comfortable yet strong lift handles make loading and unloading your bag from carts as easy as possible. No need to find a good grip on a pocket or on the rim at the top, simply snag the handles and place your bag wherever you need to. The rear strap provides a comfortable and easier means of carrying your cart bag when the time arises. The bag might not be light, but at the very least a padded rear strap can make carrying it a bit more comfortable. 

What Are the Benefits of Ladies Golf Cart Bags?

The main benefit of ladies’ golf cart bags is their ability to be loaded onto golf carts or push carts. They are specifically designed to perfectly fit into any cart without hassle. Their flat bottom allows them to rest evenly, while the straps on the cart help secure them in place. In essence, the ability to securely transport your bags via cart simultaneously eliminates the need to walk the golf course. Rather than burning energy lugging your clubs in the summer sun, cart bags allow lady golfers to take weight off their shoulders and save efforts for their shots. 

What Are the Drawbacks of Ladies Golf Cart Bags?

There are a couple drawbacks to a ladies’ golf cart bag. Primarily, they tend to be heavier than stand bags. Considering they are not designed to be carried, the weight of the bag is not as important to manufacturers. If no golf carts or push carts are available to you for whatever reason, carrying your cart bag by hand will prove to be quite the workout. Even if you’re simply at the driving range, or walking to and from your car, the required effort to carry such a bag could be more than some desire. 

What Are the Best Golf Cart Bags 2024 for Women?

The best bag for you will always come down to your own preferences. But that doesn’t mean we can’t list off some of the best cart bags 2024 has to offer! 

The iBella Ladies Golf Cart Bag is our number 1 pick. This bag comes with a full set up of 14 individual dividers, rubberized dual side lift handles, 8 zippered pockets, a padded rear carry strap, along with multiple other useful accessories. It comes in an eye-catching gold color design. Not too shiny or bright, but just enough to set yourself apart from the competition on the course. 

Another honorable mention is the Ram Golf Lightweight Cart Bag. As the name shows, this cart bag differentiates itself from the competition with its lightweight build (4.9 pounds to be exact). It also comes with 14-way dividers, tons of pocket space focused in the front, as well as alternate pocket space for personal items and extra accessories. This bag is available in multiple colors ranging from a clean teal to a pink and white or pink and gray combo, perfect for ladies. 

Find the Bag Made for YOU!

Don’t settle for just “okay” when it comes to bringing home a new golf cart bag. Take the time to do your research and discover which ladies’ golf cart bag provides the exact features and provisions that will benefit your game most.