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Tour Edge Exotic Irons

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Tour Edge Exotic Irons

When purchasing anything related to golf, it should never been done with a shot in the dark, you deserve more than that. If you ask Golfers Pro Shop we would tell you that Tour Edge is a choice that will deliver pro tour performance 365 days a year, at an affordable price point. Tour Edge Golf irons will be your best friend, they're what every good golfer calls the perfect club. When you fall in love with your irons, your golf game will change, and the beginning of this change occurs with a pair of tour edge irons. The Tour Edge Exotics models are the most advanced iron that is available by Tour Edge. This ultra-premium extreme distance iron is loaded with tech, including Tour Edge’s revolutionary VIBRCOR™ technology and breakthrough Diamond Face VFT technology that gives these irons incredible power and feel.

Tour Edge c722 irons

The Tour Edge c722 consists of a high-grade TPU injected into the hollow-body pocket to create new speed-inducing and feel-enhancing technology called VIBRCOR. The C722 iron features a more compact design, which takes a player’s distance iron and brings it even further into the realm of a player’s iron, which was already a proven performer on the PGA TOUR Champions.

Tour Edge e722 Irons

The Exotics e722 Iron consists of a high-grade TPU strategically placed in the deep 360-degree undercut pocket to create new speed-inducing and feel-enhancing technology called VIBRCOR. The lower and deeper CG allowed the E722 irons to be power-lofted to create distance and lower spin rates, while achieving the same launch characteristics as a standard lofted iron.