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Tour Edge E522 Series Hot Launch

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Tour Edge E522

The Tour Edge E522 Series Hot Launch will leave you speechless, just like it did to us at Golfers Pro Shop. The E522 stands for Extreme Spec and is fully loaded with the engineering, technology, and quality that comes in a professional golfers clubs, but with a twist to help the golfers who are looking to improve their game. The E522 is for golfers who are looking to improve their game and the Extreme Spec is known as the easiest club you will ever hit! All of this is done by the cutting edge 522 series technology.

Tour Edge Hot Launch e522

The Tour Edge Hot Launch Extreme E522 series features technology that allows for immediate success and straight shots from the start. The E522 is know as the easiest clubs you will ever hit. The E522 is for players looking to improve their golf game as quickly as possible. The E522 irons are classified as the easiest irons you will ever hit, making success a guarantee when golfing. The formula that was engineered for the E522 irons is something that must be applauded.