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What is A Complete Golf Set?

What is A Complete Golf Set?

What's in A Golf Set?

This questions we get asked a lot at and a golf set comes with either a complete set of clubs or the essential clubs that you may use. The essential amount could look like a driver, wood, hybrid, a few irons, and a putter. That is honestly the perfect amount of clubs that a starter golf set would need, assuming that the golfer is just starting out. We recommend owning a few irons, driver, and putter, then getting familiar with those clubs, learning how they feel, how you perform with them, and then once you feel comfortable you can add some more clubs to your selection. So to answer this a golf set comes with a bag, clubs, and comes with everything you need to begin your golfing journey.

One thing to note is, if you purchase a Tour Edge HL3 Golf Set all of the golf clubs in a complete golf set with contain the same brand. What does that mean? If you purchase golf clubs and not a golf set, you can mix and match whatever you desire. That would mean you have a cobra golf driver, tour edge irons, and a Top Flite putter. Golf Sets on the other hand don't mix and match.

 What is A Complete Golf Set?

A complete golf set should have 12 club. Although some players carry 10, 12, or even 14, but a complete golf set would have 12 clubs. A complete set would look something like this: one driver, two fariway woods, six irons, two wedges, and putter. You may see some pro golfers carrying 14 clubs and that's because the usga allows you to carry a max of 14 golf clubs. Having the ability to carry a few extra clubs is always good in case of an emergency. Let's say your golf club broke and in this case, you have another club ready to go. 

Although a complete set is considered 12 clubs, golf is such an amazing sport because you can carry however many clubs you would like. If you would like to have 6, that's totally okay. It's important to find what feels good for you and what you like, this will allow you to grow as a golfer, instead of trying to just purchase as many clubs as possible.