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Comparing Tour Edge Women's Golf Sets

Comparing Tour Edge Women's Golf Sets

Tour Edge Womens Golf Clubs

Since their start in 1986, Tour Edge has been a trusted brand in the bags of many golfers. Their products - clubs in particular - are reliably built and exceed their role in developing any player's game. When it comes to women's golf, Tour Edge has implemented their game-changing technology into 3 women's club sets. Each set is designed to accommodate players at different stages, varying in number of clubs, degree of loft or lie, shaft length, and included technology. Whether just starting out or playing competitively, Tour Edge Women's Club Sets are a one-way route to skill evolution. Feel free to explore all of our Tour Edge Golf Clubs

What Are the Different Sets?

Beginner, amateur or competitive, there's a Tour Edge women's club set built just for you. Each differs in number of clubs per set, types of hybrids and irons, and more to suit a spread of play styles. Take a look at which set is constructed for each skill level. We carry the entire line of Tour Edge Ladies Golf Clubs & Sets.

Tour Edge Lady Edge Club Set

Made for the newcomers. Lady golfers that recently started playing golf or are looking to get into the sport for the first time should start with Lady Edge. 

Tour Edge Moda Silk Club Set

Made for the amateurs and casual players. Lady golfers with solid experience and understanding of the game, looking to sharpen skills and boost confidence. 

Tour Edge Hot Launch 4 Club Set

Made for the competitive players. Lady golfers who have plenty of experience and passion for competing will find their skills perfected and game maximized through the HL4 club set. 


Tour Edge Women's Golf Set Comparison Chart

Lady Edge Moda Silk  HL4
Number of Clubs 10 11 12
Club Materials

Titanium driver

Stainless Steel woods, hybrids, & irons

Titanium driver

Stainless Steel woods, hybrids, & irons

Titanium driver

Stainless Steel woods, hybrids, & irons

Shaft Type Graphite Graphite Graphite
Fairway Woods #3 & #5 #3 & #5 #3, #5, #7
Hybrids #6 & #7 #5 & #6 #5 & #6
Irons #8, #9, PW, SW #7, #8, #9, PW, SW #7, #8, #9, PW, SW
Bag Type Cart Bag Cart Bag Cart Bag
Bag Color





Black/Rose Gold

Black/Light Blue

Left & Right Handed Available Yes, both Right only Right only
Petite (-1" length) Available Yes Yes No


Tour Edge Women's Golf Set Loft Angle Chart

Lady Edge Moda Silk HL4
Driver 15° 15° 13.5°
#3 Fairway Wood 18° 18° 15.5°
#5 Fairway Wood 22° 22° 19.5°
#7 Fairway Wood n/a n/a 22.5°
#5 Hybrid n/a 28° 25°
#6 Hybrid 31° 31° 28°
#7 Hybrid 35° n/a n/a
#7 Iron n/a 35° 31°
#8 Iron 40° 40° 35°
#9 Iron 45° 45° 40°
Pitching Wedge 50° 50° 44°
Sand Wedge 55° 55° 56°

(Loft is the angle created between the club head and the ground. The higher the angle, the higher your ball will launch.)

Tour Edge Women's Golf Set Lie Angle Chart

Lady Edge Moda Silk HL4
Driver 59° 59° 60°
#3 Fairway Wood 59° 59° 57°
#5 Fairway Wood 59.5° 59.5° 59°
#7 Fairway Wood n/a n/a 60.5°
#5 Hybrid n/a 60.5° 61°
#6 Hybrid 62° 61° 61.5°
#7 Hybrid 62.5° n/a n/a
#7 Iron n/a 62° 62.5°
#8 Iron 63° 63° 63°
#9 Iron 63.5° 63.5° 63.5°
Pitching Wedge 64° 63.5° 64°
Sand Wedge 64° 65° 64°

 (Lie is the angle created by the shaft and ground when the club head is rested parallel to the ground in a normal swing position.) 

Tour Edge Women's Golf Set Shaft Length Chart

Lady Edge Moda Silk HL4
Driver 43.5" 43.5" 44"
#3 Fairway Wood 42" 42" 42.5"
#5 Fairway Wood 41" 41" 41.5"
#7 Fairway Wood n/a n/a 41"
#5 Hybrid n/a 38" 37.25"
#6 Hybrid 36.75" 37.25" 36.75"
#7 Hybrid 36.25" n/a n/a
#7 Iron n/a 36.5" 36.25"
#8 Iron 35.75" 35.75" 35.75"
#9 Iron 35.25" 35" 35.25"
Pitching Wedge 34.75" 34.5" 34.75"
Sand Wedge 34.5" 33.75" 34.25"
Putter 33" 33" 33"


Matching Skill Level to Your Club Set

Beginners & Tour Edge Lady Edge Golf Set

This set helps ladies build a solid framework of skills. It provides assistance and accommodation at every step of the game to help players focus on skill development.

Intermediates/Amateurs & Tour Edge Moda Silk Golf Set

This set is engineered to advance the beginner's abilities into a strong core of repeatable skills. Improves higher-flying, more accurate shots, while assisting players' performance from any lie on the course. 

Competitive/Veterans & Tour Edge Hot Launch 4 (HL4) Golf Set

This set is made for high level competitors and those with plenty of experience under their belt. Premium technology is implemented to perfect skills and maximize performance. The final step in mastering your golf game. 


Swing Into the Next Stage of Your Game

As it should be in all areas of life, developing your golf skills is a necessary step. Picking the appropriate Tour Edge Women's Golf Set largely depends on how long you've been playing, where your skills are at, or even how often you play.

Luckily for any female golf fanatic, Tour Edge has women's club sets suited for any level golfer. All you need to do is bring one home and watch your golf game evolve one swing at a time.