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The Guide For Tour Edge Drivers

The Guide For Tour Edge Drivers

Tour Edge Driver - Tee Off Like Never Before

When searching for a new driver for golf, you want to ensure you make the right choice. The driver is the cornerstone to any strong golf game. A failure to perform well on your opening drive can be detrimental towards the rest of your hole or even round. So what is the best driver on the market? There’s a lot to choose from, trust us, we’ve looked through them all.

One thing that connects nearly all drivers (or any golf club for that matter) is how they are loaded with technology to enhance your game. But what good is all of that next-generation tech if you don’t know how to apply it properly to your game? Tour Edge Golf Drivers remove that problem completely from the situation. The selection of Tour Edge Golf Drivers isn’t merely designed with the best game-enhancing technology, but each club’s goal is to provide golfers with more forgiveness in their shots.

Do you want to simultaneously find more forgiveness in your game and take your skills to the next level? If so, take a lesson on Tour Edge Drivers and take that next step with us.

Tour Edge Golf Driver Models & Details

Tour Edge manufactures a wide variety of club sets for golfers of all ages, genders, and skill levels. Yes, even the professionals on the PGA Tour can be seen using Tour Edge Golf Drivers. The best part is, Tour Edge does a great job keeping their clubs at an affordable price so that more golfers can find satisfaction in their products. Their clubs are split into two varieties: Hot Launch clubs and Exotics clubs. Both groupings have a handful of series to choose from, each packing a unique compilation of Tour Edge's next-generation technology. 

Tour Edge Hot Launch Drivers

Tour Edge's Hot Launch series are loaded with the highest level of performance and game improvement design, all at an affordable price. Let's learn a bit more about each Hot Launch series of drivers.

Tour Edge Hot Launch 523 Drivers

Tour Edge Hot Launch 523 Series

The Tour Edge Hot Launch C523 Driver is performance focused and loaded with tech for competitive golfers. The Hot Launch C523 Drivers lower the center of gravity and come with larger club faces. This combines for a huge sweet spot with maximum forgiveness, enhanced ball speeds, perfect launch, and extreme distance.

The Tour Edge Hot Launch E523 Driver is "the easiest driver you will ever hit," according to David Glod, the President, Founder & Master Club Designer at Tour Edge. Hot Launch E523 Drivers have their weight moved low and deep for high MOI, the easiest launch possible, and amazing ball speeds and distance. With a better aligned club head, your shots will be effortlessly straighter and more accurate. 

Tour Edge Hot Launch 522 Driver

Tour Edge Hot Launch 522 Series

The Tour Edge Hot Launch C522 Driver, similar to the 523 series, is the best in class performance focused club. The new and improved diamond face 2.0 design packs elevated shot power and accuracy, with added rear sole weight and a deeper center of gravity for boosted MOI, maximum stability and more optimal launch. While the deeper power channel provides increased shot distance, the acoustic engineering keeps sound and feel exceptional. 

The Tour Edge Hot Launch E522 Driver comes with more of that next-generation technology. The "Houdini Sole", despite being hidden, dramatically moves weight deeper and lower to provide the easiest launch and most forgiveness possible. You'll once again find that elevated shot power and accuracy, this time with an added "slice fighting offset design" to keep the club face closed at impact, leading to straighter and more accurate shots. The super shallow face sends higher flying, longer drives, while the slightly shortened shaft length adds control to every drive. 

Tour Edge Exotic Drivers 

Tour Edge's Exotic series are the tour-preferred line of clubs. This line features next-generation technology that you'll see used across the PGA at the highest level. Let's learn a bit more about each Exotic series of drivers.

Tour Edge Exotics 723 Series Drivers

Tour Edge Exotic 723 Series

The Tour Edge Exotic C723 Driver, according to David Glod, the President, Founder & Master Club Designer at Tour Edge, "is quite possibly the most adjustable player's driver on the market". Its lightweight carbon design moves weight to boost MOI and add forgiveness, while the 360° ridgeback club head technology creates incredible sound and feel. The cherry on top is the Flight Tuning System. This design allows you to move the center of gravity positions between rear and front of the club head to control spin and hit more fairways. Here, all of the power is in the palm of your hand. 

The Tour Edge Exotic E723 Driver is "one of the most forgiving and accurate drivers you can find" according to David Glod. This club is entirely focused on maximizing forgiveness and taking MOI to the absolute extreme. At a quick glance, the features of the E723 series driver seem identical to the C723 series driver. While this is true, one change in the Flight Tuning System makes all the difference in its appeal. This driver provides golfers with the ability to tune the sole weight left or right (rather than forward or backward) in order to counter any slice or draw in their shots. If that's not maximum forgiveness, we don't know what it!

Tour Edge Exotics 722 Series Drivers

Tour Edge Exotic 722 Series

The Tour Edge Exotic C722 Driver, as said by David Glod, is "a beautiful player's driver with unique adjustability and maximum power". With more feel and power provided to all parts of the club face, the carbon wrap design saves weight and creates the best center of gravity placement possible. The dual front and back weighting system perfects MOI and ball spin rates for better flight and distance in your drives. The Tour Edge C722 Driver is designed with an adjustable hosel that permits loft and lie angle changes to truly perfect your game. 

The Tour Edge Exotic E722 Driver is entirely forgiveness focused. Its back weight was bumped to 30 grams to add stability, and combined with the carbon wrap design provide a deeper center of gravity. The diamond face Variable Face Thickness enhances both ball speeds and forgiveness simultaneously, all while maintaining feel and sound through its internal sound diffusion and ridgeback technology. Same as the C722, the Tour Edge E722 Driver is designed with an adjustable hosel that permits loft and lie angle changes to truly perfect your game. 

Tour Edge Exotics 721 Series Driver

Tour Edge Exotic 721 Series

The Tour Edge Exotic C721 Driver brought a new level of power and feel that most golfers could only dream of. Its ridgeback technology and diamond face 2.0 provide unmatched added feel and power to all parts of the club face. The Tour Edge C721 Driver stays balanced with its dual carbon wing design, optimizing the center of gravity placement and emphasizes the rear backweight to provide higher launch and increased stability. This driver, similar to the Tour Edge C722 and Tour Edge E722 drivers, comes with an adjustable hosel that permits loft and lie angle changes to truly perfect your game. 

Take Your Game To The Next Level

It's time to officially step up your game and drive golf balls like the pros. But instead of draining your time, energy and money on countless lessons and YouTube videos, pick out the Tour Edge Golf Drivers set that best suits you. All of the technology and long-awaited forgiveness that you have been searching for, right at your fingertips. Shop all Tour Edge Golf Clubs.