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The Difference Between A Birdie and A Bogey

The Difference Between A Birdie and A Bogey

Golfing Knowledge - Birdie and A Bogey Explained

Let's paint the picture for you, you are with all of your golfing buddies and they begin to talk about birdies and bogeys, you are lost, clueless as to what they are talking about. You laugh and agree with what they say. This isn't a good feeling and luckily this hasn't happened to you because you read this article by Golfers Pro Shop.

What Is A Birdie In Golf?

When golfing every hole is different, some are a par 3, par 4, and so on. That is how many strokes it should take you to sink your putt. Does is always happen, we sure wish it did, it would make us much happier. To break this down more, let's say you're on a par 4 hole and according to this, on the 4th shot you should sink your putt. A birdie would mean that on your 3rd shot you sink the putt, putting you one ahead of par. That is birdie.

What Is A Bogey In Golf?

Now, a Bogey in golf is slightly different than a birdie. If you're on the same par 4 hole and you sink your putt on the 5th shot, that is a bogey. So to break this down a bogey means that you shot 1 over on that "par 4" hole. 

Where Did The Term Birdie and Bogey Golfer Come From

Birdie was an expression used in the 1900's that meant cool, extraordinary, or excellent. This is why it was used for "birdie" or under par. The term Bogey came from Scotland and it was used from goblins or devils, although other sources say that Charles Wellman called a player a "a regular bogey man." We are not sure which root this bogey golfer term came from, but it's still used today.

You Are Now A Golf Trivia Enthusiast

Now that we have helped explain with a birdie in golf is and a bogey golfer, as well as the history behind the meanings, you are all caught up. When you hang out with your golfing friends next time or want to share these fun golf facts you just learned with someone, you are well equipped to do exactly